The Collector

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A combined effort between the Central Saint Martins BA (Hons) Jewelry Design Program and students from Women’s Fashion. Small groups were tasked to create six-piece collections - incorporating jewelry - for a shop window promoting British Fashion and Jewelry during London Fashion Week.

The character in the group’s final video is a “collector” of antique and vintage jewelry. The video explores her attachment to the jewelry as she takes the jewelry off piece by piece. I was integral to the design of all the jewelry and I specifically fabricated the Dome Ring (shown on the left) and the Key Pearl Necklace layered around the neck.
Brass, Pearls, Antique Keys, Gold Leaf, Copper
Dome Ring (2” x 2” x 1”)
Key Necklace (9” x 5” x .5”)
Pearl Necklace (18” x 5”x .5”)