Suffocation of the Sea

Exhibited in London Gallery-Season, Brick Lane

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Materials: Brass, Swarovski Reignited Stones, Fishing Net 

Dimensions: 4in x 6in x 3in x 12in train

Exhibited in London Gallery-Season, Brick Lane 

The ocean is a beautiful place, filled with sea life that blooms with color. However, the water is polluted, and trash is suffocating the animals. Ghost Fishing is what happens when abandoned fishing gear 'continues to fish'. There are hundreds of pictures showing animals with fishing nets around their necks suffocating, without a way of getting free.

The design of Suffocation of the Sea resembles a cage, but this time on a human’s neck. It is time for us to take responsibility for what we have done to our oceans. A fishing net is encapsulated in the brass cage, covered and intertwined with Swarovski stones that are set in brass. The stones resemble our ocean and the trash that it carries. The elongated crystals hanging off the back emulate weights found on fishing nets coupled with smaller crystals symbolizing tears from the ocean.  The ocean is heard crying for help as the necklace chimes with movement.