Rags to Riches

Materials: Copper, Sterling Silver, Yarn, Tool, Stones, Ribbon

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Materials: Copper, Sterling Silver, Yarn, Tool, Stones, Ribbon 

Dimensions: 4 ½ in x 8in x ½ in 

Exhibited: The National Juried Online Art Exhibit, As Good as Gold; Society of North American Goldsmiths 50th Anniversary, Eugen  OR

Rags To Riches represents society and how wealth is portrayed. Stereotypically, people who own couture fashion are wealthy and have a certain social status, while others shop at discounted stores. 

The ragged & torn shirt was hand sawed and oxidized. The rusted and overused look represents the lowest class of society who cannot afford new clothing. The tag on the shirt says Goodwill. 

Copper pants with a small pocket were hand sawed. A sterling silver detail was added on the pocket to express an increase in social status. The tag on the pants reads Old Navy. 

Greater attention and detail are given to the modern shirt. It is styled with a pink gem and fashioned from sterling silver, further displaying a climb in social status. Its tag reads Macys. 

The party dress tag reads Saks Fifth Avenue, a high-end store with couture clothing. The gem covered dress has detail on the neckline and torso, including trim along the bottom and sleeves. The four garments are hung on brass hangers from a sterling silver tube representing a clothes rack. The necklace is worn with a pink ribbon.