One Hand Kitchen Tool

Product Design Class

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Many people have an accident in their lives where amputation is needed, and some are unfortunately born without a limb. Learning how to live life and use different utensils that are all mostly designed for two hands is very difficult. This product I am designing for the kitchen is focused on using other body parts, our legs specifically, to help us have a “3rd hand” in a way, and make it easier to stabilize, hold, and open different foods and objects. I got the idea of relying on different body parts while trying to open a banana in the one-handed video experiment. I believe this product could also be used for people with two hands as well which would allow this design to have a large volume of interest. This product will be designed to be able to be manufactured easily, and aesthetically pleasing as well for the users. It also will have a grip like material for holding purposes that will be cushioned to not squash any softer foods. 

My product that I am designing has many different goals but the most important one is to be useful specifically to handicap users that are struggling with opening objects/food in the kitchen with one arm. This is the most important on the hierarchy and next was price.

This product I believe could be an essential utensil if it is priced affordably as well. I think with the simple style and low number of materials that are in my design, an an affordable price can be possible.