Nature Scapes

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Nature Scapes is a jewelry collection inspired by interactions around nature. Out walking once, with every step taken I noticed the ever-changing pattern of branches in the sky. The arm cuff titled Rhythmic Branches took shape from this. Replicating exactly what I see allows me to manipulate nature on the human body. Using patterns in nature for my designs can be literal or can lead to more abstract interpretations. Throughout each season, nature changes and inspires me. This past winter icicles were growing on windowsills, each one completely unique. The sterling silver earrings evolved from this scape: freezing the beauty of icicles into a more permanent formation. I encourage you to look for the connection that each of the pieces have with nature.

Sophia Gallette is a jewelry and accessory designer. She focuses on contemporary and unique styles that are worn on the body. She strives to create interesting and fashionable wearables using precious metals, stones, sustainable materials and found objects. She began making jewelry eight years ago, during her freshman year of high school. In addition to her studies at The University of Michigan, she has studied jewelry design at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London.