Armor Of Strength

Materials: Black zippers, thread, mask

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Materials: Black zippers, thread, mask 

Dimensions: 6in x 12in x 1in 

Can unconventional materials be used to create a wearable? 

Armor Of Strength shows how the simple obstruction of a zipper gives a voice to victims of sexual assault. Unconventional materials used for wearable items can have a deeper meaning in a design. 

Zippers assist in the daily monotonous ceremony, dressing and undressing of clothing. Zippers are typically hidden in the construction and not meant to be noticed. Sadly, undoing zippers can also lead to horrible unthinkable actions like sexual assault. Living on a college campus, stories about people taken advantage of are prevalent. Unfortunately for women on a college campus this is even more of a common occurrence. The metaphor of a zipper was obstructed to create an accessory piece resembling armor, structure, and power. The “X” designed on the front of the mouth resembles women being silenced after sexual assault, but the functioning zipper on the side gives women the access and power to choose to speak out. The necklace fully covers the nose, mouth, neck, and shoulders.